How to make your life easy as an Android Developer

A Lazy Developer is a Smart Developer

In my opinion the lazier you are the more innovative ways you are going to search to make your life easier.

  • cmd + shift + O (to search a file by name in your project)
  • cmd + shift + F (to do a project wide search)
  • shift + F6 (to rename a variable globally)
  • ctrl + g (to select a word/variable name which occurs repetitively in a file)
  • option + F8 (to open debug evaluator) This particularly has made the debugging process very fast for me. For someone who does not know what debug evaluation is: It is a tool in Android Studio which helps you in evaluating any variable value or any flow values which you want to know how it behaves during runtime.
Android Studio debug evaluation window
  • ctrl + d (run the app in debug mode)
  • cmd + F9 (Make Project)
  • ctrl + R (simple run the app)
  • What should I name the class?
  • In which package or folder should I put the class?



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